822105 EP Design Studio 4 - Project

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EP Design Studio 4 - Project
EP 5

- “Learning to Learn”: learning from books, from lecturers, from other students and from reality (fieldwork). 
- Writing texts, using pictures, making books, curating exhibitions, editing videos and designing websites based on the investigated material.
- Developing an understanding of scenario planning.
- Learning to read and express oneself in English.
- Acquisition of learning strategies and content in the context of the research of architectural theory and history.
- Learning an effective use of the library(s) and archives. Learning important research techniques, also for archival research.
- Use of several presentation techniques in varied contexts and with different media: essay, short presentation with PowerPoint or Keynote, book, exhibition, website, video.
- Teamwork: we usually work in teams of two students. The topics and presentations are structured in such a way that all teams can benefit from each other and the individual presentations are part of a larger whole or product. 

New Social Housing

On occasion of the IBA (International Building Exhibition) Vienna 2022, the studio research of architecturaltheory.eu this year is dedicated to new forms of social housing. 

In this context, we aim at interpreting anew what is meant with “social”, as it has become so laden with assumptions, that it is not always certain what is meant by it. The social has different meanings and is also subject to continuous change. Today, media and notably social media alter and replace the social realm. In the Anthropocene, the social cannot just be about relations among people, but should take a wider natural and material context into account, urging us to speculate on what new social housing might be. 

Evalutation based on regular written and oral contributions of the participants

Continuous assessment; presentation and submission of a written work; compulsory attendance

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