323195 RE Revision course for labour and social security law

winter semester 2020/2021 | Last update: 01.02.2021 Place course on memo list
RE Revision course for labour and social security law
RE 2
each semester

Review of your own level of knowledege and clarification of questions that arise when studying the subject matter.

The revision course is intended as a supplement to indiviual exam preparation. The focus is on questions about the subject matter that are particularly relevant to the exam.

On OLAT, the students are provided with a questionnaire, consisting of common examination questions, which should be answered independently. This gives students the opportunity to check their level of knowledge relevant to the examination.

When preparing the questionnaire or in general when studying the subject matter, questions that arise can be added to the submitted contributions. These are answered in the feedback courses (e-lecture).

Written participation: Timely answering of at least 25 exam questions. For the mere presence in the feedback courses (e-lecture) no proof of achievement (examination certificate) is due.

Reissner, Lern- und Übungsbuch Arbeitsrecht, 6. edition (2020); Burger/Mair/Wachter, Sozialrecht Basics, 5. edition (2020); also current text editions of labour law and social law.

The questionnaire is made available on OLAT four weeks before start of the respective test week. The answers can be submitted up to one week before the start of the exam week. The feedback courses (e-lecture) take place on the specified dates.

Further information on the procedure can be found on OLAT after confirmed registration for the desired date.