418611 EX Excursion (in the context of the lecture 'Trimedial Practice: Broadcast & Online): Media Summit / Lech, Arlberg

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EX Excursion (in the context of the lecture 'Trimedial Practice: Broadcast & Online): Media Summit / Lech, Arlberg
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Basic information about the essential characteristics of radio, television and online media and knowledge of how these are used in the interaction of media practice. 

The international Media Summit in Lech, Arlberg takes place from 03.-05. December. Well reputed experts  from the fields of journalism, politics and economy discuss about the reality and the consequences of the Corona-Pandemy (www.mediengipfel.at). The university of Innsbruck is involved with the organisation of an own panel discussion with selected experts. The topic: „Generation Protest? The challenges for politics and media“. Selected students will prepare and lead this special discussion round  with focus on protest movements  like „Black Lives Matter“ and „Friday´s for Future“. They will analyse the respective communication channels and the involved (key) actors to reach the public. They will discuss about the respective objectives and the (expected) success of the protest movements.   

Analysis, Presentation, Discussion, Moderation Training

Delivery of a written assignment as a sound preparation for a journalistic contribution (print, online or broadcast media ) and writing of a reflection paper at the end of the media summit (1-2 pages)

Literature will be announced in time on OLAT

  Interested students have to apply for one out of ten grants for the participation    and have to hand in the following documents: 
1.Curriculum Vitae together wit a motivation letter 
2. Paper of two pages related to the topic:  „Generation Protest? Black Lives Matter, Friday’s for Future and the challenges for politics and media“. Why get young people  interested in politics and what are their respective tools and techniques?

 The application must be sent in ONE file to the following mail address: natascha.zeitel-bank@uibk.ac.at   (Institute for Media, Communication and Society)  Deadline: 20.09.2020

The university will pay the transport, meals and hotel stay as well as the media summit participation fee for the three days. Own costs contribution are 20,00 €. 

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03.12.2020-05.12.2020, Lech am Arlberg - Gipfel mit Extern
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Mon 2020-10-05
09.00 - 13.00 SR 13 (Sowi) SR 13 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Mon 2020-11-23
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Mon 2020-12-14
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