433540 VO Human Resource Management

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VO Human Resource Management
VO 2

Students develop necessary theoretical knowledge and analytical skills for understanding, ordering and evaluating current challenges in the management of employment relations. By applying different theoretical perspectives, they learn to identify critical issues and assess relevant implications of solutions chosen in practice.

The course covers current topics in the management of employment relations and discusses management approaches for addressing these. A selection of current topics may include:

  • Bullying and harassment 
  • Careers and work lives
  • Employee voice
  • Line manager involvement
  • Managing employment sustainably
  • Managing the aging workforce
  • New forms of work
  • Salary transparency

Instruction, debates, reading assignments, short student presentations

Final exam and contribution to class discussions

Literature references for single sessions will be announced at semester start.

Successful completion of the mandatory courses referred to in § 7.2 (2 and 3).

For participating in this module, the attendance of the introductory meeting is obligatory. The preliminary date of this meeting is scheduled for Oct 7; please check for announcements of possible changes.

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