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UE German Philology
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Advanced knowledge in a selected field of German Philology and ability to apply this knowledge in a critical and reflected way; knowledge of theories and methods and their fields of application; ability to independently prepare and apply complex subject-specific, methodical and theoretic relations and issues of the subject (possibly also in relation to interdisciplinary perspectives);

Fact and fiction as a juridical paradigm in literary processes

This course offers an additional exercise to the lecture of Thomas Wegmann  on “fact and fiction”. We will concentrate on the  relationship between fact and fiction in the field of jurisdiction by the example of relevant literary processes after 1945.  The court decision in 1971 in the case of the novel “Mephisto” by Klaus Mann is considered to be one of  the most influential, because in this verdict fictionality was established for the first time as an essential characteristic of art in the judicial judgment. Also terms such as 'key novel' and 'Schmähschrift' (insulting  content)  played a significant role in the judgment. Other relevant examples of court decisions were the case of  “Unsere Siemens-Welt” (1972) by F.C. Delius, " Holzfällen. Eine Erregung”(1984) by Thomas Bernhard,“ Esra ”(2003) by Maxim Biller and“ Meere ”(2003) by Alban Nikolai Herbst. In this exercise we will work out and discuss the different approaches in defining the essence and function of factuality and fictionality in the fields of jurisprudence and art.

 lecture, discussion, written tests

presentations, participation, written texts, written exam

Further information about the texts and other contents will be soon available.

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