609675 VO Introduction to English Phonetics and Phonology

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VO Introduction to English Phonetics and Phonology
VO 2

In this course students are introduced to key concepts and basic skills needed for articulating, describing and transcribing the speech sounds of English.

The course deals with phonetic and phonological topics such as the anatomy, physiology and acoustics of speech, the transcription of English phonemes, the relationship between spelling and speech, syllable structure, word stress, prosodic features, connected speech (assimilation, elision etc.) Attention will also be paid to differences between British English and American English and the special problems learners with a German-language background have regarding the pronunciation of English (individual sounds, intonation patterns etc.).

Lecture, transcription exercises.

Written final exam: multiple choice, short answer questions, transcriptions.

A select bibliography will be handed out at the beginning of term.


not applicable

Teacher Training Programme "new" (BA curriculum 2015): together with VO 2 Introduction to English Synchronic Linguistics, this lecture makues up mandatory module 10 (introduction to English Linguistics), which students are recommended to take in their first semester.

This course can only be taken for the Teacher Training Programme (Lehramt Englisch) - it is not part of the BA curriculum.