626491 PS Profession-specific knowledge and action

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PS Profession-specific knowledge and action
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The course is intended as preparation for the “Profession-specific Knowledge and Application Block placement A + B" and focuses on the content of the basic model of pedagogical-practical studies, which deal with the central areas of professional competence; teaching observation, teaching and classroom management, exploring the school as an organisation, school as a field of research, professional reflection and documentation. The principles of the spiral curriculum are central to this course and the content discussed throughout the duration of studies are re-visited. School placement 3 however explores those school-pedagogical aspects in more detail. The starting point for dealing with the various content is the critical examination of demonstrably successful schools, recognised in diverse awards such as the school prize Vorarlberg and the Austrian or German school prize awards. Those schools that won the German School prize award provide a platform for students to acquire in-depth knowledge of classroom management, various action plans (individualization, differentiation, and personalization) for developing personal educational processes and promoting personal growth. In particular, the six quality components of the German School Award (performance, dealing with diversity, quality of instruction, responsibility, school climate, school life or extracurricular partners and school as a learning institution) provide a backdrop to the development and preparation of an inquiry based learning project. In addition, one's own ideas of school and teaching are critically reflected upon because of this acquired knowledge, and this process seeks to deepen the skills and knowledge in the area of classroom observation, planning, implementation and evaluation of lessons, both theoretically and in praxis.

Lesson observations, lesson planning, implementation and evaluation of lessons, the school as an organisation and its institutional features, various pedagogical concepts for dealing with diversity and classroom management, the six quality categories comprising the German School Prize award, inquiry based learning project, organisational questions regarding the format of the school placement.

Reading, school portraits, lectures, discussion, presentations, lesson simulations, case study analysis and collegial counselling, partner and group work, project work.


-       Presentation of individual research project

-       Presentation of a school profile

-       Implementation of lesson sequence

-       Course participation


-       Theory-based formulation of professional development goals

-       Elaboration of a school profile and reflection on possible applications

-       Synopsis (based on the guidelines from Module 2) on the inquiry based learning project

Beutel, S.-.I., Höhmann, K., Pant, H. A. & Schratz, M. (2016) (Hrsg.). Handbuch Gute Schule. Sechs Qualitätsbereiche für eine zukunftsweisende Praxis. Klett/Kallmeyer: Seelze.

Bogner, A., Littig, B., Menz, W. (2014). Interviews mit Experten. Eine praxisorientierte Einführung. Springer Verlag: Wiesbaden.

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Mayring, P. (2016). Einführung in die Qualitative Sozialforschung. Beltz Verlag: Weinheim und Basel.

successful completion of compulsory module 1 

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