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PS Flying Classrooms
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·        A new  understanding of how space influences the behaviour and well-being concerning educational buildings

·        Verification of ones imagination concerning teaching in spatial contexts and realizing which spatial contexts support learning best

·        Tools for immediate spatial improvement in teaching

„The quality of Buildings for education – from nursery schools to universities up to places for adult education – mirrors the appreciation a community has for the topic of education in general and for the people who learn and who teach there. Since several years the standards for our educational facilities have changed much: less teacher centered teaching, more pro active learning and individual facilitation, working in teams, full-time forms of school and better networking between the institutions are important components for future-oriented learning and teaching. This new and improved school affords a new and improved house.“ (Charta for Educational Building: www.schulumbau.at)


In working with the method of SPACE.VALUEanalysis in phase 0 educational buildings will be of higher qualitiy, because they are reacting to the individual, specific needs of their users. This method empowers people to recognize and acknowledge  their own wishes regarding this and then to express them. It is only after this that negotiations with others start and agreements can be made. This strengthens the users in their role as “a building manager” instead of making them “a co-planner” such as  happened at the beginning of this co-decision making boom, with which they often felt overwhelmed.


This new method, SPACE:VALUEanalysis, works with 9 SPACE.VALUES, which, through their formulation in day to day language are accessible on a universal level.  The starting point is that people “know” - even if this is subconsciously - exactly what they need and what is good for them in their relative situations.


The transfer is done in large and small groups using methods of holistic organisation development, the “Genuine Contact Programme®” (Birgitt Williams), making the result on the one side as a qualified space and functionprogramme and on the other side encouraging work and personal input towards a common goal. As an “added extra” there is a deeper understanding of the people involved as users of an educational building and of each other. Thereby the firey wisdom of the crowd, of large groups, is generated.

·        Formulation of a SPACE.VALUE analysis of a chosen schoolbuildung in small groups in written form

·        Presentation in front of the whole group

successful completion of compulsory module 1 

Students of the MA Architecture can use for Sonderkapitel der Raumgestaltung

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Fri 2020-11-06
08.00 - 17.00 eLecture - online eLecture - online
Sat 2020-11-07
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Fri 2020-12-04
08.00 - 17.00 eLecture - online eLecture - online
Sat 2020-12-05
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