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PS Visual Thinking at school
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THE VISUAL SCHOOL – the discovery of visual  perception and advancement of critical  thinking.

Every child, every youth, and every adult has the right to see their own “picture.” The “correct” one does not exist. Discussions based upon different perceptions lead to new ideas - for oneself and for the community at large. The outcome becomes a multifaceted world of creative thinking and enhanced language skills.

Participants of this course will receive a practical as well as a theoretical introduction to the concept of „The Visual School“. A special focus will be on "Visual Thinking Strategies", a method that uses art to teach critical thinking skills, visual literacy and communication skills.

Students will learn to facilitate open-ended discussions about sequenced works of art. They will employ a student-centered approach that uses developmentally-based questions and a supportive method of responding to student participation. A wrong answer does not exist. It all depends on the manner in which people look, and how they are stamped by culture, religion and personal experience. Listening, paraphrasing and linking of different viewpoints will be a focus of the training as well.

At the end of the course participants will understand the elements and method of Visual Thinking Strategies. They will also be able to facilitate simple open-ended discussions on their own.


Introduction to Theory and Research „Aesthetic Development“ by Abigail Housen

Application of the method during class

Application of the method in the museum

Group work



Oral and written (term paper)

Visual Thining Strategies – Research and Theory

Housen, Abigail, The Eye of the Beholder: Measuring Aesthetic Development. Ed. D.Diss., Havard University, 1983

successful completion of compulsory module 1 

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