626706 PS effectivity of (reform) educational principles in practice

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PS effectivity of (reform) educational principles in practice
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The course is focusing on experiences of daily school practice and provides students an insight in models and methods for sustainable implementation of autonomous working in the sense of “Leadership for Learning” as well as in the differentiated “Sociosystem” of the culture of relations in schools. These issues will be particularly considered with regard to the teacher’s influence on assuring or increasing school quality. Students will get a picture of Austrian and international developments and trends concerning the topic as well as the efficiency of educational approaches to progressive education.

The course will cover the following key topics:

o    Analysis of pedagogical guiding principles and theory of educational principles

o    Transfer of the concept of “Leadership for Education” to school practice

o    International models for autonomous working of students and of development of atmosphere in schools

o    Contributions from teachers to school development and school culture

o    The culture of communication and conflicts in schools

o    Principles of progressive education in school practice

o    Consequences of present changes in the Austrian school system on the school culture

o    Diversity in schools and its impact on relations

o    Teacher’s emotional involvement to daily life of school

The topics of the course will be approached by dealing with concrete examples of school practice. Experiences of teachers and head teachers will be presented. Students will be confronted with practice examples in an interactive learning process and motivated to work together on possible solutions based on their own experiences and to exchange within the group. The course will also focus on raising the awareness for several factors influencing the quality of education for all stakeholders in schools. Scientific approaches and literature will be continuously compared with practice in schools.

o    Active participation in interactive learning sessions and group work 

Oral Exam

successful completion of compulsory module 1 

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13.11.2020 + 15.01.2021 13-18:00 Uhr, AGI (Turnsaal)
14.11.2020 + 16.01.2021 09-17:00 Uhr, AGI (Turnsaal)