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- Recognise personal / professional possibilities and limitations as well as the tasks of other institutions and professionals (confidence in doing so)
- Ability to respect one's own as well as other values, sexual moral ideas (intercultural sexual formation), forms of love and relationships.
- Communication competence
- Acquire a repertoire of creative work methods and materials for your respective teaching subject

Despite currently living in an "oversexualised" society, the issue of sexuality continues to be a topic of avoidance in everyday school life. At the same time, school is a setting that has a great impact on the psychosexual development of children and adolescents.
First raptures and romances are experienced, bathroom walls are doodled with "perverse" comments; during the school breaks, mobile phone clips containing pornographic material are displayed and shared; there’s also an exploration of male and female identities and so forth.
For teachers, these are challenging everyday scenes, to which they should (consciously/subconsciously) react. Finally, there is also the principle of sex education, which encourages all teachers to integrate the broad thematic spectrum of sexuality across all subject disciplines.

Course content:
- To learn about the wide range of topics related to ‘sexuality in the context of school life” 
- To develop an unbiased, professional attitude towards diversity (based on school administrative requirements, sexual and reproductive rights, etc.)
- Development of strategies connected to challenging everyday situations
- Basic knowledge on specific aspects of the psycho-sexual development of children and adolescents
- To deal with a variety of didactic materials and possibilities

the course framework is based on a combination of professional input, practical examples, self-reflection, testing of and learning about the use of pedagogical methods and materials, as well as group discussions.

The basic requirements of this free subject include taking a respectful approach to the subject whilst preserving individual and personal boundaries.


Presentation and preparation/design of a teaching unit; written reflection about the course

Martin, Beate/Nitschke, Jörg (2017): Sexuelle Bildung in der Schule. Themenorientierte Einführung und Methoden. Kohlhammer.

successful completion of compulsory module 1 

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