645309 PS Economic and Social History: History of Futures Past

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PS Economic and Social History: History of Futures Past
PS 2
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Introduction to specialist literature; basic knowledge in scientific work; critical analysis of sources and secondary literature in the field of economic and social history; exemplary treatment of topics / research questions in oral/written, partly case-based form.

 Having a future is one of the essential characteristics of euro-atlantic modernity (Dipper). The future is modernity's answer to the realization of its own historicity (Landwehr) and a resource of transcendence (Hänseroth), which transforms current problems into future solutions by narrating progress as inevitable course of history (Herbert). However, against the background of permanent modernization, the historicity of the future itself becomes apparent as well (Koselleck). Futures become obsolete, replace each other or are recombined eclectically (Belasco). Progress itself is subjected to scrutiny on account of its increasingly problematic past (Beck, Luhmann), while previously binding narratives of the future lose their cohesive power in the course of time (Lyotard). The Proseminar will attempt to give an overview of this history of the future, its sources, questions and research approaches.

Topic-oriented course including lectures, discussion of literature (in German and English), presentations, group work and practical exercises. Development of paper-writing skills.

Course with continuous performance assessment: regular and active participation in discussions, readings and short assignments, oral presentation and handout, written paper, feedback.

Will be discussed in the first lecture.

Positive assessment of compulsory module 1. The respective proof ought to be produced until the end of October 2020.

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