704863 PR Research Class in Experimental Quantum Physics

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PR Research Class in Experimental Quantum Physics
PR 8

At the end of the course the students will have acquired the relevant techniques and skills to be able to start their Master's thesis in the follwing term.

Experiments with lasers, optics, vacuum components, crystats, detectors, optical waveguides, data acquisition, and data processing.

Continuous assessment (based on regular written and/or oral contributions by participants).

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations"

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

not applicable

Happens in the first nine weeks of the term. This lab course precedes the Master thesis and prepares for it. It has to be taken with the instructor that will later supervise the Master thesis. Please direct inquiries to the coordinator, Prof. Grimm!

to be agreed on
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