710201 VU Solid State Materials Charateristics

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VU Solid State Materials Charateristics
VU 2

Students deal with structural aspects of solid state chemistry and physics and acquire in-depth knowledge of the electronic structure and the lattice dynamics and the resulting macroscopic material properties. 

Translational symmetry and space groups of crystalline solids, band theory and electronic properties, lattice vibrations and transport properties


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How does this course work this semester?

The VO part: There is an exam at the end. The script is provided as pdf-files, in the form of "commented and animated" powerpoint videos (which are gradually created during the semester).

VU part (voluntarily): You can improve your grade "in advance" by answering the short tests (see OLAT structure element "Uebungen"). The improvement of the note is proportional to the correctness of the solutions: If you deliver 50% correct solutions, you can improve e.g. your grade in the final exam by 1. Some of the short tests could also occur in the test (so it's worth taking a look at the tests). There are about 10 short tests, which are activated for a limited time (see below). If you have any questions about the short tests (and the related material): I also offer three "online question hours" in the "virtual classroom", where you/I discuss the subject of the e.g. 15 lectures SEQUENTIELLY. So e.g. in early November VLs 1-5, early December VLs 6-10, beginning of February VLs 11-14. I have created 3 appointments in the "Virtual Classroom" for the time being, whose days/times we can still change. Talk to each other and contact me by email until 15.10. if you want to change the dates.  After these appointments, you have 7 days to upload the solutions, then access to the respective short tests will be blocked.

Di, 10.11.20, 8.12.20, 2.2.21 jeweils 10:15-11:45, Virtuelles Klassenzimmer/OLAT