718041 UE Basic Laboratory Course - Practical Course

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UE Basic Laboratory Course - Practical Course
UE 3

Students know and are able to use basic laboratory skills in compliance with good laboratory practice (GLP).

The basic skills for working in a chemical-biological laboratory are teached and trained. The course is obligatory for each further practical course.


  • Basics: safety issues, handling of chemicals, glass- and plasticware, disposal of waste, keeping of the lab notebook
  • Measurement of mass and volume
  • Separation techniques (filtration, centrifugation)
  • Disintegration of tissue and cells
  • Photometry (UV/Vis)
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Electrolytes and pH
  • Measurement of dissolved oxygen concentration


rotation, groups with not more than 8 students

The overall assessment comprises 2 written examinations, participation and a  protocol

The script will be available (start of semester) at the "Studia-Technik"

Registration ONLY in group 0, course-division will take place at the preliminary meeting on 02.10.2017 at 5 am in the lecture hall C!

(Registrations wont be selected by registration date. They will be fixed according to the criterias of the study plan.)

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siehe 718040, VU Grundlagen des wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens