719418 VU Applied imaging of biological objects

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VU Applied imaging of biological objects
VU 3

Participants can prepare objects for various microscopical techniques and deepen their understanding of microscopes by demonstration and hands-on training on these objects. Basic steps in the process of acquiring images and data are demonstrated to and made by the participants.

Relaxation; fixation; phalloidin- und antibody stainings; embedding; microtomy; scanning- and transmissions-electron microscopy; confocal laser-scanning-microscopy; modern light microscopy; digital 2D- and 3D-imaging.

Electron microscopy; confocal laser-scanning-microscopy; digital 2D- and 3D-imaging; modern light microscopy.

Course documentation and final exam.

Douglas B. Murphy, 2001, Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging. Wiley-Liss.

John J. Bozzoala/Lonnie D. Russel, 1992, Electron Microscopy.

Mandatory modul 2

Demonstrations and hands-on training on the microscopes will be given on the 22. and 23. of Jannuary in small groups and are not listed in the list of dates!

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Di 26.01.2021 09:00-12:00, eLecture - online Termin
Mi 27.01.2021 09:00-12:00, eLecture - online Termin
Do 28.01.2021 09:00-12:00, eLecture - online Termin
Fr 29.01.2021 09:00-12:00, eLecture - online Termin