743107 VO Structure and Function of Terrestrial Ecosystems

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VO Structure and Function of Terrestrial Ecosystems
VO 2

Students have a basic knowledge of structures and functions in terrestrial ecosystems, with a focus on evolutionary ecology, species interactions, community ecology, ecosystem ecology, global ecology and can apply this knowledge to current issues such as the biodiversity crisis and climate change

Species interactions, communities, production, energy flow and nutrient cycles in ecosystems, biogeochemical cycles, biogeography, conservation ecology, global ecology and sustainability

lectures accompanied by OLAT

written or oral examination (depending on Covid-19 regulations) 

ECOLOGY  William D. Bowman, Sally D. Hacker, Michael L. Cain, 
4th Edition., 2018
Print:  ISBN 978-0-87893-908-4
Looseleaf: ISBN: 978-1-60535-305-0


ECOLOGY  William D. Bowman,  Sally D. Hacker
5th Edition., 2020
Print:  ISBN 9781605359281 

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