744932 VO Technical applications of plasma physics

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VO Technical applications of plasma physics
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Get acquainted with the most important modern applications of plasmas

1) Production of technical plasmas by gas discharges

     1.a) Glow discharge

     1.b) Magnetron discharge

     1.c) Corona discharge

     1.d) Dielectric barrier discharge

     1.e) Atmospheric discharges

2) Surface treatment by plasmas

     2.a) Coating

     2.b) Implantation

     2.c) Etching

     2.d) Plasma cutting and welding

3) Medical application of plasmas

     3.a) Decontamination

     3.b) Change of surface energy

     3.c) Improvement of the bio compatibility

4) Plasma for illumination

     4.a) Fluorescence light tubes and energy saving lamps

     4.b) High pressure lamps

     4.c) Arc discharges

5) Ion and plasma thrusters

     5.a) Elektrothermal thrusters

     5.b) Elektrostatic thrusters

     5.c) Elektromagnetic thrusters

6) Energy conversin (energy "production") by plasmas

     6.a) Thermionic converter

     6.b) Magnetohydrodynamic generators

     6.c) Short introduction to nuclear fusion

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