800983 SE Writing Science: Writing Workshop for PhD Students

winter semester 2020/2021 | Last update: 12.11.2020 Place course on memo list
SE Writing Science: Writing Workshop for PhD Students
SE 2

self-empowerment, critical thinking, genre competence, target orientation towards recipients, knowing forms of publication, knowing writing strategies and methods

The lecturer will teach strategies of scientific writing based on three different levels: Level 1 concentrates on text type-specific and stylistic characteristics of scientific writing. Level 2 focuses on writing strategies, writings blocks and procrastination. Writing will be discussed as an expression of individual thoughts. Level 3 considers communication in connection with conception, writing and publishing. Special attention will be paid to the importance of the discourse community for the development, evaluation and acceptance of scientific texts. The participants will work with their own texts.

lecture, writing conference, creative writing, group work, individual work



Membership in the Doctoral Program Austrian Studies

not applicable
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