825031 SE Advanced Urban Development

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SE Advanced Urban Development
SE 2

Ledoux and the origin of the modern city.

The seminar will examine the idea of an autonomous architecture on the basis of Emil Kaufmann’s Book Von Ledoux bis Le Corbuiser-Ursprung und Entwickelung der Autonomen Architektur. The Seminar will redraw several of Ledoux’s houses and define its relationship to the ground. While Ledoux has developed the idea of a freestanding building that defines the modern city, the question the seminar wants to answer is how this building produces public spaces within the building itself.

The seminar will use formal analyses as its method to study the buildings. The analyses will be presented by drawing and model in scale 1.200.

Continuous assessment (based on regular written and/or oral contribution by participants).

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations".

Von Ledoux bis Le Corbusier-Ursprung und Entwicklung der autonomen Architektur.

The seminar is preferred for students that develop their Bachelor project within the institute of urban design.

  • Week 1: phase 1 introduction lecture
  • week 2: phase 1
  • week 3: phase 1
  • week 4: phase 1
  • week 5: phase 2
  • week 6: phase 2
  • week 7: phase 2
  • week 8: phase 2
  • week 9: phase 2
  • week 10: phase 3
  • week 11: phase 3
  • week 12: phase 3
  • week 13: phase 3
  • week 14: final presentation
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