103207 KU Special issues of development and socialization

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KU Special issues of development and socialization
KU 2
every 2 weeks
each semester

Students know development concepts and socialization theories and they are able to use them in a pedagogical profession

Psychodynamic model (Freud), social learning (Bandura), collusion models (Willi) and interventions in the professional work with children, who display behavioral problems. Recent years showed, that children and adolescents were a growing challenge for pedagogical professionals.

Presentations and illustrations of specific concepts, active assistance of the students in the course, discussions and practical exercises.

Course with formative assessment, i.e., students are graded on the basis of written and/or oral tasks assigned regularly over the term.

Continuous presence and collaboration in the course, active discussions, written feedbacks, reflection on contents.


To be specified in the course.



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