305956 SE Seminar in Civil Law and Real Estate Law

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SE Seminar in Civil Law and Real Estate Law
SE 2

Establishment or enhancement of the ability to independently solve scientific problems (by writing a seminar thesis) and improvement of rhetoric and communicative skills (by presenting the result of the research and discussing it).

Selected questions of Private Law and selected topics of (Austrian and German) tenancy law and residential property law.

Individual writing of a seminar thesis comprising 40 pages at most (leaving a margin of 1/3 for revision comments, one and a half spacing and font size 12) about a proposed or self-chosen topic. Presentation of the result of the research (approx. 20 mins.) at the closing event with following discussion.

Seminar thesis with presentation and following discussion. The grading of the oral part will also be determined by the participation on the discussion.

Kerschner, Ferdinand, Wissenschaftliche Arbeitstechnik und Methodenlehre für Juristen. Leitfaden für juristische Seminar-, Diplom-, Master- und Bakkalaureatsarbeiten, Dissertationen und wissenschaftliche Artikel. 5. Auflage, Wien 2006.

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A list of the topics will be published at beginning of March 2016at OLAT. The seminar begins with a preliminary discussion on tuesday, 3.3.2021, 14:00 a.m. virtual. On that date the topics will be distributed among the participants as well as the following dates and other organizational issues will be discussed. Online registration.

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Date Time Location
Wed 2021-03-03
14.00 - 15.00 online (Zivilrecht) online (Zivilrecht) Vorbesprechung