306001 VO Civil procedure: Basics and priciples (lecture)

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VO Civil procedure: Basics and priciples (lecture)
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Basic knowledge in the austrian civil procedure law

Systematically are going to be treated the constitutional provisions for the civil procedure law as well as the general provisions of the Jurisdiktionsnorm and the Austrian Civil Procedure Act – the Zivilprozessordnung.

Lecture with discussion

Current edition of the civil procedure law (f.e. Kodex Zivilgerichtliches Verfahren, LexisNexis-Verlag), current literature (f.e. Kodek/Mayr, Zivilprozessrecht; Neumayr, Zivilprozessrecht 1-3; Rechberger/Simotta, 9. Auflage)


The lecture will be held in a series of blocks in the first third of the semester. The lecture on "Civil Procedure Law (contentious matters)" will build onto this lecture in the second and third third of the semester.