306060 PR Civil Procedure Law in Practice

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PR Civil Procedure Law in Practice
PR 1

Understanding of how a civil process proceeds in practice.

The proceeding of a civil process is going to be treated from the bringing of an action to the ruling of the court of appeal.

Beside a lecture with practical examples, a legal proceeding is going to be attended. Moreover the ADV-application used by the legal authorities is going to be presented.

Oral participation during the lessons. Written examination (if it is required).

Current edition of the Jurisdiktionsnorm and the Austrian Civil Procedure Act as well as default civil process law literature, especially Kodek/Mayr, Zivilprozess, 2nd edition (2013) and Rechberger/Simotta, Zivilprozessrecht, 8th edition (2010).

Basic knowledge of civil procedure law.

An enrolment to the course is required. The appointment for the preliminary meeting is going to be announced separately.