308014 UE Criminal Law and Procedure, intensive course

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UE Criminal Law and Procedure, intensive course
UE 2

The goal of this class is to recapitulate the basic skills of criminal and criminal procedure law and it aims at preparing for the written examination.

This class consists of four written exams comprising case studies in order to provide adequate preparation for the written examination in criminal and criminal procedure law. The number of participants is limited (25), students repeating their written examination will be ranked prior. Registration has to be carried out via LFU-online and compulsory attendance to the first unit of the class is required!

Participants will be asked to participate in written exams consisting of case studies as well as taking part in oral discussions of the cases.

Four written exams.

Information about the required literature is available on our department´s homepage.

Please note that students are demanded to register for one class only and that multiple registrations will cause deregistration in ALL classes.