310309 European Union, First Pillar - Advanced 2 (Substantive Law)

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European Union, First Pillar - Advanced 2 (Substantive Law)
VO 2
each semester

Acquisition and improvement of relevant knowledge of those aspects of European economic law with particular practical relevance

This lecture covers the internal market freedoms, competition law, and legal harmonisation in the internal market as well as selected specific examples (transport, environment, energy etc). Special emphasis will be placed on the situation in Austria.

Lecture, including case studies of current judgments of the European Court of Justice, the General Court and the Austrian (supreme) courts

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations"

Schweitzer/Hummer/Obwexer, Europarecht (2nd edition, 2013); Eilmansberger/Herzig/Jaeger/Thyri, Materielles Europarecht (3rd edition, 2012); Eberhard/Grabenwarter/Holoubek/Lienbacher/Potacs/Vranes, Europäisches und öffentliches Wirtschaftsrecht (8th edition, 2012)

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No lecture on 13th of January because of examinations