312424 VO Digital business models in banking and capital markets law (FINTECH)

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VO Digital business models in banking and capital markets law (FINTECH)
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The aim of this course is to introduce students to banking and capital market law issues that arise due to the digital transformation of the financial industry; in particular, to the complex legal framework applicable to so-called "FinTechs". Students will gain a better understanding of the legal challenges and possible approaches to digital business models in general.

FinTech is an umbrella term for information technology-based financial innovations that result in new financial instruments, services or intermediaries. FinTechs are usually understood to be startups that operate using such technological innovations. However, established incumbents are also increasingly found in this area.

The course starts with a brief overview of banking and capital markets law and a brief primer on the topic of "FinTech". Building on this, the main business models of the FinTech universe will be addressed from a legal perspective.

The intended "case studies" include:

  • Crypto-Assets (cryptocurrencies etc), Crypto-Assset-Service-Providers & Blockchain
  • Robo-advice
  • Algorithmic trading & high frequency trading
  • Challenger banks & credit scoring
  • New payment providers (so-called TPPs).

The course concludes with the new supervisory concept of the "Regulatory Sandbox".

The content of the course is taught in lectures, with a focus on practical applications. Before the legal analysis of the selected business models, the (technical) fundamentals are briefly presented.

Written exam at the end of the semester on the course content.

Course materials; Supplementary and in-depth literature will be announced in the first lesson and in the syllabus on OLAT.

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