323122 VO Social security - advanced (lecture)

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VO Social security - advanced (lecture)
VO 2
each semester

To impart an in-depth knowledge of Social Securities Law

Social Securities Law, especially Health Care and Pensions

Lecture with the possibility for questions and discussions

Written examination at the end of the semester

None, written note during the lecture necessary

Please note that in the master program Business Law the positive completion of compulsory module 1 (lecture "Labour law - advanced") is a prerequisite for registering for this course. If you have not fulfilled this requirement by the end of the registration deadline, you will not be admitted to any course exam in this semester.

Group Booking period Date of exam
323122-0 2021-09-01 00:00 - 2021-09-24 23:59
11:00 Uhr
OLAT - online
Burger F., Mair A.