323195 RE Revision course for labour and social security law

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RE Revision course for labour and social security law
RE 2
each semester

Review of your own level of knowledge and clarification of questions that arise while working on the subject matter.

The revision course is intended as a supplement to individual exam preparation. The focus is on questions about the subject matter that are particularly relevant to the exam.

A questionnaire is made available to the students on OLAT, which consists of common examination questions. This can be used by the students to prepare for the exam. This gives students the oppurtunity to independently check their level of knowledge relevant to the examination. The questionnaire will be answered jointly during the course.

No examination is planned for this course. The prerequisite for receiving a certificate of performance (revision course certificate) in the amount of 2 SSt/1 ECTS-AP is attendance at at least one appointment.

Reissner, Lern- und Übungsbuch Arbeitsrecht, 6th edition 2020;
Burger/Mair/Wachter, Sozialrecht Basics, 5th edition 2020
Furthermore a current edition of a legal text collection is required.

The link for the respective course date can be found after confirmed registration in the OLAT course under "Virtuelles Klassenzimmer".

3 Blocktermine jeweils vor Prüfungswoche, Bibliothek Arbeits- und Sozialrecht