325020 VO Legal research an working techniques (lecture)

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VO Legal research an working techniques (lecture)
VO 2
each semester

Acquisition of skills related to legal research and work.

The main task of lawyers is to solve legal issues. For this purpose they have at their disposal an enormous amount of information. In addition to an ever-increasing number of laws, jurists are also confronted with countless court decisions and a multitude of legal literature.

How do lawyers find an answer to a specific legal question in this flood of information? The course aims to answer this question.

The focus of the lesson is therefore on legal working techniques. To this end, the most important sources of information relating to Italian law will be presented together with the corresponding research methods.

The lecture is held alternately in Italian and German.

It includes lessons on the principles of research work as well as exercises in small groups, among others in the library of the Department for Italian Law.

Active participation required.

Short written essay and its presentation, during which questions will be asked about the contents of the lecture.

Course materials on OLAT, personal notes. There are also bibliographical references for personal study on OLAT. Active participation required.

Please register for the lecture via LFU-online.