418025 PS Media Socialization

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(Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule - Edith Stein)
PS Media Socialization
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Knowledge about media socialization enables graduates the name the importance and consequences of growing up in media cultures, specific types and preferences of media use (and resulting preferred cultural techniques) in everyday life of the pupils and as a result to draw conclusions for pedagogical institutions in relation to competent, educational acting and target-group-specific concepts.

The seminar deals with models, concepts and results of empirical and theoretical media socialization research. Aspects of plurality of media cultures and lifestyles, identity development, family constellations, socio-economic status and environment as well as gender aspects and migration background are considered.

Since the Stone Age cave paintings, media have been material bearers of the culture and objectifications of the human mind. Media products have always been artificial, virtual realities. However, the variety of media offerings has increased dramatically. Electronic media offerings blur the traditional boundaries between information and communication media as well as between mass and individual communication. Since Luhmann, we also know that what we know about the world is media knowledge, and that media are inextricably linked to how people articulate and define themselves and their relationships with others. Socialization is thus becoming more and more media socialization, the classic socialization agencies are increasingly in the background, identity becomes a narrative, the great narratives of electronic media become the core of their own identity construction.

On the basis of relevant theoretical positions, a reflection on the general social and political conditions of media-mediated communication should take place against the background of one's own condition. Furthermore, questions concerning the effects, possibilities and dangers of the new forms of communication against the background of neoliberal economic and social structures shall be discussed and discussed.

Regular and active participation in a discursive discussion, written elaboration and presentation of relevant theoretical positions, treatment of pragmatic questions and concrete problem areas as well as reflection on selected aspects of media impact and media socialization against the background of own life experiences.

A detailed bibliography will be presented during the preliminary discussion as well as at OLAT.


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