603310 KU Teaching and Learning - Spectrum of Activities:

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KU Teaching and Learning - Spectrum of Activities:
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Students can differentiate and characterise the full spectrum of institutions (from nursery school through the education of wirking class women to informal learning at the workplace) and the processes by which education and upbringing occur today.




Learning and memory have been defined by behaviorism, gestalt theory, depth psychology and cognitivist intention. What happens, if we look at it from an educational point of view? Pedagogic reflexions resolve the relation of teaching and learning within didactics. Questions concerning the principles of teaching are in the rising within educational research. How does knowledge change, when it is taught, communicated and transformed? Why do teaching methods or learning methods change?



field research for different places and methods of teaching


written preperation, teaching a lesson, written follow-up



Gebauer, Gunter, und Christoph Wulf: Mimesis. Kultur – Kunst – Gesellschaft. Reinbek bei Hamburg 1998. Göhlich, Michael, Christoph Wulf und Jörg Zirfas: Pädagogische Theorien des Lernens. Weinheim 2007. Göhlich, Michael, und Jörg Zirfas: Lernen. Ein pädagogischer Grundbegriff. Stuttgart 2007.


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  • SDG 4 - Quality education: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.