603602 SE Principals of Educational Science: Advanced I:

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SE Principals of Educational Science: Advanced I:
SE 2
every 2 weeks

- Knowledge of theoretical concepts of disability studies.

- Sensitisation to dimensions of social inequality in an intersectional perspective. 

In this seminar central topics of Disability Studies are developed and related to projects of inclusive education. As an interdisciplinary field of teaching and research, Disability Studies analyses disability in its historical, cultural and social context.   

In addition to an introduction to crip theory and theoretical concepts such as ableism, crip time and chrononormativity, the seminar will look at gender, race and class at the junction of disability studies and queer studies in order to develop an intersectional perspective on the construction of difference and the social inequalities associated with it. With the help of the theoretical foundations developed, inclusive projects in the field of cultural-aesthetic education will be examined. 

In the course of the seminar there will be the opportunity to delve deeper into a topic area. The readiness to read English texts is assumed.

Close reading and discussing texts, workshops, visualisations, short presentations.

Course with formative assessment, i.e., students are graded on the basis of written and/or oral tasks assigned regularly over the term.

A selection for introduction: 

Linton, Simi (1998): Claiming Disability. Knowledge and identity. New York: New York University Press. 

Sturm, Tanja; Budde, Jürgen; Dlugosch, Andrea (eds.) (2017): (Re-)Constructive Inclusion Research. Leverkusen: Barbara Budrich Publishing House. 

The texts for the course will be provided on OLAT. 

Attendance is compulsory

to be agreed on