603603 SE Principals of Educational Science: Advanced I:

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SE Principals of Educational Science: Advanced I:
SE 2

Understanding ableism and it's critique in Disability Studies, reflecting pedagogical pratices.

The term ableism was coined by Disability Studies scholars. The concept critiques societal ideas on dis_ability. Ableism is a pattern of thought based on the idea of an autonomous individuum, negating individual and collective dependency.

In educational research, many theories are based on the construct of autonomy. Also, the organisation of education and work fosters ableist norms of achievement. We will discuss how ableist structures play into pedagogical pratices and discuss alternatives.

Close reading and discussing texts, workshops, visualisations, short presentations.

Course with formative assessment, i.e., students are graded on the basis of written and/or oral tasks assigned regularly over the term.

Zur Einführung: http://bidok.uibk.ac.at/library/maskos-ableism.html

weiterführend: https://www.inklusion-online.net/index.php/inklusion-online/article/view/273

Weitere Texte werden auf Olat bzw. zu Seminarbeginn bereitgestellt.

Attendance is compulsory

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