603606 SE Principals of Educational Science: Advanced I:

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SE Principals of Educational Science: Advanced I:
SE 2

The aim is to show different ways, to do research in the fields of educational and social work, at the interface between practice, management and science. Students should learn to grasp realities in these fields of work more precisely, with the aim of gaining more knowledge and formulating consequences for practice or beyond this.

The course aims to use selected practical examples and ongoing research, to show students with an affinity for research how they can use scientific tools to conduct research at the interfaces between practice, management, politics and science. It shows, how information channels can be found and used creatively, to gain evidence-based knowledge.

These information channels include databases, formal or informal surveys of clients or specialists, systematic environment or environmental analyzes or the perception of relevant discourses. Information obtained in this way can be used to make the need for development visible in practice, to support the development of quality standards and concepts, to make strategic decisions or to demonstrate effects. In addition, this information is suitable for initiating development and (basic) research projects and for enriching specialist discourses.

Prototypical examples of practice research will be presented and discussed. In individual work or by forming project groups, students choose a field of activity of educational / social work. Using relevant sources, they collect information on this field of activity, interpret it, identify current trends or problem areas, place them in a theoretical framework and formulate possible consequences for practice, for management, for welfare policy or for science.

A paper, including a presentation of the results and a presentation including the skillful defense in front of a 'critical audience' towards the end of the course.

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