603832 SE Identity and Subject in the Migration Society: Escape

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SE Identity and Subject in the Migration Society: Escape
SE 2
every 2 weeks

The students get to know various features of current escape-migration movements and are thus able to integrate them in from a global perspective. They are well informed about the core texts dealing with the European border regime and are able to critically reflect on and interpret them. In addition, they are capable of transferring these to societal phenomena and pedagogical relevance.

This course is designed to elaborate various aspects dealing with the topical complex of “escape-migration”. Thus its main focus is placed on concepts of the Critical Border-regime and Migration Research, global impacts and hegemonic, Eurocentric interpretation patterns of the people categorized as “refugees”. Additionally, this course is set out to grant an insight into people’s life stories and their escape. Apart from that, questions connected to these will be addressed according to methods of Educational Sciences.

Presentations, group activities, kick-off speeches

Presentation, active participation, written work load

The reading list will be handed out / discussed in the lessons

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