603840 VO Intergenerational Relations and Learning in the Life Course

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VO Intergenerational Relations and Learning in the Life Course
VO 2

Students acquire a critical understanding of the interconnected topics of generation, education, and lifelong learning. They gain a theoretical understanding and profound knowledge of the social, cultural and institutional influences on individual life courses and learning biographies. Students are able to compare and evaluate different learning processes within family, school, and the new media and discover inequalities of opportunities in education.

In the lecture, the relationship between social generations (in terms of birth cohorts) and the influence of shared generational experiences on the individual life course will be analyzed form a social and historical perspective. Furthermore, the relevance of different pedagogical relations (in terms of familial generational bonds and teacher-students relations) for growing up and for learning in family, school, and the new media will be studied form an educational, psychological and sociological perspective. A special focus will be put on the development of learning biographies across the life span and on the development of inequalities in education. Examination is guided by a framework that incorporates the interconnection between socio-cultural contexts, institutions, and individual agency.

The lecture is designed as a blended-learning course. Students will get further information on the course design at the beginning of the semester.

Learning units and essay

The relevant literature and course documents will be provided on OLAT.

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