613028 VU Introduction to interpreting

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VU Introduction to interpreting
VU 1
each semester

Students will be introduced to different forms and applications of interpreting.

Students will take a closer look at different forms of interpreting, situations and the corresponding specific requirements (for example liaison interpreting, community interpreting and other forms).

presentations, exercices


written final exam

Reading lists will be provide in class depending on the subjects presented.

Completed Pflichtmodul 15 (Translatorik II)

Before full completion of StEOP, courses may be brought forward up to a maximum of 22 ECTS-AP.

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Group Booking period Date of exam
613028-0 2021-02-01 00:00 - 2021-02-21 23:59
Behr M.
613028-0 2021-04-13 08:00 - 2021-04-20 23:59
10 Uhr
online (Open Book)
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Behr M.