613269 UE Specialised translation: economics, German-French

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UE Specialised translation: economics, German-French
UE 2
every 2nd year

In this course we will concentrate on the technical jargon of economy, with a focus on tourism-related topics. While working with authentic technical texts related to tourism, you will have the opportunity to use and to reinforce the translation strategies you have already learned. Furthermore, we will deal with typical touristic phrases and the use of tourism terminology.

We will translate tourism texts, of different technical degrees. The texts will cover specific topics related to tourism. In doing so we will work on different sub-topics and text types and we will use tools and parallel texts. Developing research skills will also be part of the course.

Students will focus on text type analysis and work with parallel texts; they will do online research and practical translation work. Students will discuss their translations in small groups and in front of the entire class.


Reading lists and course materials will be provided in class or electronically.

In order to attend this course, students need to have passed a BA