618022 SE Genre II: Kissing Art, Architecture and Film

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SE Genre II: Kissing Art, Architecture and Film
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To master and independently apply art-historical methods on examples referred to in the lecture.

Sylvia Lavin’s Kissing Architecture uses the metaphor of the kiss to examine the mutual attraction between architecture and contemporary art. Of course, kissing is an act for two, as such, Lavin pairs artists with consenting architectures (f.e. Pipilotti Rist with Yoshio Taniguchi). Still, Lavin’s book is necessarily limited in accordance with its own preferred metaphor. So, maybe it has to be opened up onto a related but distinct issue that in our seminar takes center stage: film’s loving role in the relationship between both disciplines. Attending to a wide range of objects, artists, filmmakers and architects, we’ll concern ourselves with different aspects and examine, what the consequences of the exchanges between the three disciplines are: first, the simple fact of their conjunction within contemporary culture, second, those potentially worrisome instances in which hybrid forms of artarchitecture-film are subsumed as points of attraction, display, and sale, and, third, drawing on the connotations of the word „complex“, the possibility that recent developments wihtin the merged spheres can be read as a symptom of something that is otherwise inaccessible and deep ...

Presentations and discussions, written work.

This course is assessed via continuous assessment and attendance is compulsory.

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