618032 VO Genre II: Romanesque wall paintings in the alps

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VO Genre II: Romanesque wall paintings in the alps
VO 2
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Expanded knowledge and independent application of art-historical methods on examples referred to in the lecture.


The regions of the Alps offer an uncomparably big treasury of high medieval Romanesque mural paintings. By the time of their execution they were settled in different territorial and cultural systems, not embedded in national states as we have them nowadays. The lecture focuses on the Eastern Alpine regions (now Eastern Switzerland, Northern Italy and Austria). The variety comprises murals in Cathedrals, in small parish churches or cemetery chapels in villages, in monastic churches and chapels as well as in representative settings like castels. The different programs and iconographic structures will be analysed, together with the huge complexity of stylistic developments, and how the monuments were influenced from elsewhere.


Written exam

To be announced in the course.


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