621185 VO Sportsmarketing, Sponsoring & Retail Markets

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VO Sportsmarketing, Sponsoring & Retail Markets
VO 1

The lecture deals with theoretical and practical insights of the Sporting Goods Market and Sponsoring. Students should be able to evaluate and develop different practical and theoretical concepts. They should gain competence in analyzing different strategic goals and their practical foundation.

The lecture offers theoretical and practical insights concerning the Sporting Goods Industry, Retail Marketing as well Sponsoring. Case examples will provide deeper insights into the Sporting goods industry and their fields. Sponsoring will be structured in theoretical inputs and a guest lecture.

Lecture, discussion, assignments, group work

written exam



Subjects matter:
LE 1: Sportsindustry
LE 2: Sportsindustry
LE3: Sportsmarketing
LE4: Sponsoring

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