622012 SE Seminar with Bachelor-Thesis in Contemporary History: Austria and the Global South. Entanglements and Hierarchies

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SE Seminar with Bachelor-Thesis in Contemporary History: Austria and the Global South. Entanglements and Hierarchies
SE 2
each semester

Ability to independently make a research-based analysis and contextualisation of a topic in Contemporary History according to scientific rules; skills to independently research and evaluate topic-relevant sources and secondary literature; consolidated skills in writing of his-toric papers (formulation, giving of reasons and defending arguments).

Austria‘s relations with the global South constitute a multi-faceted history of interdependence, characterized by imperialist hierarchies (within the framework of "colonialism without colonies") and racism, but also by emancipatory resistance and attempts to overcome Eurocentric ways of thinking and acting. These "interwoven genealogies of the present" (Randeria/Conrad 2013) are the focus of this seminar. Biographical and actor-related as well as economic, social and discourse-historical approaches to colonialism, anti-colonialism, "development" and "development aid", commemorative culture and trade relations will be presented.
The seminar also offers refresher inputs to basic techniques of historiography (literature and source research; writing a historical essay; choice of methods).
In the course of joint readings and discussions of overview texts and exemplary research, students develop their own approach, independently formulate a question and then write their bachelor thesis.

Reading, formal lectures, oral presentations and discussions, (online-) excercises.

Course with continuous performance assessment: attendance at all sessions, comments, exercises, written paper (30 pages), oral presentation.

Preliminary list – required readings will be discussed during the first sessions of the course.

Boatcă, Manuela (2016): Postkolonialismus und Dekolonialität. In: Fischer, Karin/Hauck, Gerhard/Boatcă, Manuela (Hg.): Handbuch Entwicklungsforschung. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 113–123.

Conrad, Sebastian/Randeria, Shalini (Hg., 2002): Jenseits des Eurozentrismus. Postkoloniale Perspektiven in den Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften. Frankfurt/Main: Campus.

Feichtinger, Johannes/Prutsch, Ursula/Csáky, Moritz (Hg., 2003): Habsburg Postcolonial. Machtstrukturen und kollektives Gedächtnis. Innsbruck: Studien-Verlag.

Hödl, Gerald (2004): Österreich und die Dritte Welt. Außen- und Entwicklungspolitik der Zweiten Republik bis zum EU-Beitritt 1995. Wien: Promedia.

Molden, Berthold (2015): Decolonizing the Second Republic: Austria and the Global South from the 1950s to the 1970s. In: Journal of Austrian Studies 48/3: 109–128.

Sauer, Walter (2014): Expeditionen ins afrikanische Österreich. Ein Reisekaleidoskop. Wien: Mandelbaum.

Positive assessment of one module from elective modules 7 to 12.

Online-enrollment required