626601 VO Multilingulism in everyday-life and interculturalism within the education system I

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VO Multilingulism in everyday-life and interculturalism within the education system I
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Basic concepts and Ideas concerning transculturalism and interreligion, insight into worldviews within the historical genesis

This lecture deals with the explanation and genesis of terms like transcultural studies and interreligion, alongside the basics of inter- and transcultural learning. The lecture introduces the exegis (as a means to understand religious texts) in a step-by-step approach. In connection to world views – ways to view the world – it also includes terms like memory and memory culture as well as acknowledgment culture. Furthermore, the role and importance of fortifications, initiations and passing rites in different religions. This also includes the interaction with “soft terms” such as mercy, forgiveness and solidarity. In the sense of existential learning this is also a question about oneself and others. What defines me and what belongs to the “other”. What aspects of oneself are familiar or foreign, what elements of others are familiar or foreign to oneself? A central aspect of inter- and transcultural learning is a (self)-reflecting interaction with euro- and ethnocentrisms. The lecture also concerns topics such as the foreign in relation to one’s religious home. Likewise, the slide “inter- and transcultural learning” with regard to the identifying multitude and new political developments of radicalization as an act of treason in one’s own religion should be pursued.

Introduction by the lecturer (asissted through visual material), discussions, personal experience in interaction with religious scripture, excursions to a mosque, a synagoge, an Alevi Cemevi and a jewish graveyard.

Active participation, participating the excursions, final written exam

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