626706 PS Complete use of voice - appealing speech as a teacher

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PS Complete use of voice - appealing speech as a teacher
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You will gain fundamental knowledge of interaction between body and voice, learn about techniques to improve personal communication and presentation skills, as well as vocal expression. The goal is to optimize your professional performance and gain natural authority without vocal difficulties.

·         Physiological background of breathing and voice

·         Preparation for different speaking situations

·         Optimizing articulation, facial expression, gesture, pitch of voice, volume and endurance

·         Dealing with stress and nervousness

·         Impression and self-awareness: What is my impact?

·         Intention and individual vocal expression

·         Posture for presentation, representation, communication

·         Speaking with and without amplifier



·         Exercise for body and voice single and in group

·         Awareness raising for individual focus

·         Text work with provided and individual material

·         Spontaneous and prepared presentation with different pre settings

·         Speaking with microphone

·         Feedback and relaunch with use of audio- and video recording



·         Continuous participation in exercise, presentation and feedback

·         Short written exam

·         Final presentation with individual focus



·         Mandatory for participants : Script as pdf to download on http://www.vokalwerk.com/trainings.html


·         Stephanie Martin & Lyn Darnley: The teaching voice, Whurr Publishers


·         Heinz Fiukowski: Sprecherzieherisches Elementarbuch, De Gruyter Mouton

·         Günther Habermann: Stimme und Sprache, Thieme

·         Monika Matschnig: Körpersprache, Gräfe und Unzer 2007

·         Elmar Bartel: Einfach besser sprechen, Schott 2017

·         Ingrid Amon: Gut bei Stimme- Richtig sprechen im Unterricht, Veritas Verlag 2009

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