645106 UE Sources and Studies in Modern Times

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UE Sources and Studies in Modern Times
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Acquisition of competences and a critical attitude in dealing with historical sources and accounts of modern history as well as the ability to present the attained knowledge in oral and written form

Despite all technical progress in the field of text recognition and despite the sheer number of editions of primary sources from the most diverse contexts, the ability to read manuscripts remains the most important "craft" skill for historians.

In this course we will learn and practice the reading of different forms of manuscripts of the early modern period on the basis of exemplary German-language source texts.We will essentially forego the palaeographic analysis and classification of manuscripts. Instead, the focus will be on reading skills and the understanding and contextualisation of the sources.


Reading, analysis and discussion of sources and secondary literature; group work; short presentations by students

Regular and active participation; short presentation; written exam at the end of term


Online registration necessary!

Willingness to read English texts is expected.

Before attending this course it is recommended to complete the VO Basic Knowledge of Modern History.

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