645205 UE Sources and Studies in Austrian History:

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UE Sources and Studies in Austrian History:
UE 1
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Acquisition of skills for a critical use and interpretation of historical sources of the Habsburg Monarchy; learning to present this knowledge in a written or an oral form.

Ecclesiastical and secular censorship regulations were intended to regulate the publication, trade, and possession of books since the early days of printing. Especially during the Reformation and the Enlightenment period, book bans were tightened, but their limits were clear in view of the flood of critical written material. We will examine censorship institutions and censorship measures within the Holy Roman Empire: Numerous examples illustrate that there were many ways to circumvent print and trade bans: Books were printed under fictitious imprints or in neighboring territories and distributed via clandestine trade. The course will trace prominent examples of banned works and their distribution channels and places of clandestine trade, which was of high importance for the crypto-Protestantism in Carinthia, for example. The course offers an introduction to the book history and history of knowledge in the early modern period on the basis of selected sources. 

Reading and interpretation of historcal sources, contextualising historical sources, discussion

Participation in classes, presentation, short exam

Will be announced 

Before attending this course it is recommended to complete the VO "Basiswissen aus dem Kernfach Österreichische Geschichte"

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