645310 EX Historical Excursion

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EX Historical Excursion
EX 2
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The excursion focuses on objects in Museums for Medical History and their meanings for the knowledge about the history of medicine.

In this excursion to the German Museum for the History of Medicine in Ingolstadt and the Siemens-Museum in Erlangen we will discuss about identification, conservation and presentation of objects in museums for the History of Medicine. We also will discuss aboput the informative values of those objects in context of producing knowledge.

Discussion and presentation of papers dealing with the topic.

Participation in discussions, will be announced.

Will be announced at the beginning of the lecture (OLAT).

Positive assessment of compulsory module 1

Ingolstadt – Erlangen, 26.-30. September 2021;

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to be announced
4 Tage am Ende des SoSe 21, Ingolstadt - Erlangen