707605 VO Introduction to Meteorology

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VO Introduction to Meteorology
VO 2
each semester
to provide an overview of the main topics in atmospheric science
Introduction atmosphere: formation, constituents, vertical structure extraterrestrial radiation atmospheric radiation and optical phenomena hydrostatics and thermodynamics clouds and precipitation dynamics wind systems and atmospheric circulation synthesis of previous topics
lecture with lab problems, which are discussed in separate tutorial sessions
multiple choice final exam. Each questions will come with 5 answers of which 0-5 can be correct. You get points for correctly labeling the answers as true or false and deductions for failing to do so.
Ahrens D. 2006: Meteorology Today: An Introduction to Weather, Climate, and the Environment: Workbook and Study Guide, Brooks/Cole, 230pp Stull, R. B., 2006: Meteorology for Scientists and Engineers: a technical companion book with Ahrens' Meteorology Today, Brooks/Cole, 502pp Wallace J. M. and Hobbs P. V. 2006, Atmospheric Science, an introductory survey, Elsevier, 483pp Curry, J. and Webster, P. 1999: Thermodynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans, Academic Press, 471pp

3 meetings

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