800676 VU Astronomy in Practice

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VU Astronomy in Practice
VU 2
every 2nd year

The students should learn the interdisciplinary character of astronomy and the importance astronomy had during human history (e.g. astronomical navigation, calendar-making). Students should work by themselves with astronomical devices and they should  get familiar with the starry night.

Students perform measurements with sextants and solarscope by themselves in order to determine the geographical lattidute. the distance of the moon and the sun, the rotation of the sun, the size of sunspots, the equation of time and the analemma. During the night the students perform measuremennt with different telescopes by themselves and gain first experience with astro-photography. 

Introductory speech (powerpoint) to communicate basic knowledge. During the rest of the time the students use by themselves. Also "homeworks" will be given (measuring the moon and the sun on different days).

immanent, self-contained working

will be announced during the lecture.

curiosity and interest

to be announced